The Future of Smart Locks is Here!

Presenting Door Ninja by IOTA


Price Rs.3,999 only


Keyless Entry

Say goodbye to your keys. Enter home just with a single tap on your smartphone.

Time-Defined Access

Define date and time for every person you share your digital key with and have the peace of mind.

Password security

Share your digital key with anyone without sharing your password.

Multiple Users

Share your digital key with as many people as you require. There’s no limit!

Activity Log

The app maintains complete history of digital key usage by all users.

Universal Compatibility

Door Ninja is compatible with all kinds of electric door locks.


One app can control all your electric door locks installed at multiple places.

5-Minute Installation

You can easily install Door Ninja by yourself, meaning you don’t need a technician to visit your home for installation.


DOOR NINJA uses WIFI to operate. So its range is more than bluetooth. It can be operated within 10 meter diameter of circle

Whether it is the glass door lock in your office or a simple electric lock at your home's main gate, the universal compatibility of Door Ninja flets you install it with door locks of all kinds.

Smart access for family, friends and service providers

Home security has gotten high tech lately, thanks to Door Ninja. Want to be able to check on the kids getting home from school alone? Just log in to your Door Ninja app and check complete lock/unlock history of your kids. Need to let a neighbor in to water the plants while you’re away? No issue, share a temporary digital key with them and let them in. You can even give house guests temporary access to open the door themselves, which is helpful for when you’re away. This one looks gorgeous!

Efficiency and flexibility in day-to-day business

As a business owner, are you losing sleep over tedious key administration, staff stuck in front of locked doors or entrance doors left unsecured overnight? Get Door Ninja installed and give digital access to all your employees at all times and everywhere. With the time-defined access, your employees can get in only during the working hours; what more do you need!

Key handover? Only digital from now on!

Want to hand over the home keys to a real estate agent to rent out your property? It’ll be only digital now on! For all those who are renting out their residential or commercial property, key handover is no more a thing. Grant temporary access to your real estate agent when they’re at your property for a visit with the potential tenants.



Door Ninja is end-to-end encrypted and only you know your password; because you can share your digital key with anyone without requiring to send them your password.

You will either need the smartphone in hand or a physical key to open the door, there’s no other way to open it.

Yes you can continue to use your key even after Door Ninja has been installed.

Yes, installing Door Ninja is very easy. All you need is to connect the Door Ninja device to your electric door lock wires and the rest is like plug n play.

No, Door Ninja makes use of Wi-Fi hotspot technology to connect to your smartphone. You do not need Bluetooth or Internet Connection to operate it.

Door Ninja requires less than 1-watt of electricity to operate so it can be easily powered by a UPS for uninterrupted operation.

IOTA is an IOT-based hardware firm that is on a mission to automate life. With an ever increasing boom in the automation industry, IOT based products are becoming more and more helpful in our daily lives, and Engineers at IOTA are on a mission to transform automation ideas into reality. IOTA has entered the market with its IOT-based smart lock systems, with other products in the pipeline.

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